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NayPyiTaw to Yangon Bus

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All Information about Naypyitaw to Yangon Bus

Naypyitaw to Yangon  is 5 hours drive away via Yangon Naypyitaw Mandalay Expressway. There are a lot of Normal and VIP buses running between Yangon and NyapyiTaw everyday since 6 am to 10 pm including JJ Express, Famous Traveller Express , Elite Express and others.

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Departure Bus Station Baw Ga Thiri Bus Station
Arrival Bus Station Aung Mingalar Bus Station, Yangon , Myanmar
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Famous Traveller Express Normal (2+2) 22:00 >> 03:00 NayPyiTaw >> Yangon Approximately 0 days 5 hours 00 mins 11.1$
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Dos and Don’ts in Yangon

  1. First, I don’t recommend you bringing thick clothing because the weather in Yangon is not too cold.
  2. I would suggest you change Myanmar currency so it will be easier to purchase snacks or taxi fares.
  3. You cannot wear any footwear and shorts when you go to pagoda or religious buildings.
  4. When you sit, you shouldn’t sit with your feet pointing at the pagoda or elder people.
  5. In Myanmar, they normally greet by bowing and saying “Mingalarbar”. It is OK to handshake with men but you will need to ask for the permission with ladies.
  6. Myanmar people don’t like when you touch their head or point at them
  7. I would suggest you ask for permission when you want to take a photo.
  8. You shouldn’t go to restricted areas without permission.
  9. In Yangon, motorbikes are not allowed and bicycles are not allowed in downtown areas.
  10. If you will come to Myanmar with your girlfriend, you need to know that Myanmar people don’t think kissing in public is acceptable.
  11. Some Myanmar street foods are too oily or some are spicy that can cause stomachache.

How to travel from Naypyitaw to Yangon by bus, flight, and train?

Alternative Routes to Yangon

The bus is not the only option to go Yangon From Naypyitaw, Flight and Train are available if you want to travel from Naypyitaw to Yangon.

In Yangon, there are three main transportations to go around Myanmar.

  1. Yangon International Airport              
  2. Aung Mingalar High way Bus station
  3. Yangon Central Railway Station                      

Taxi fare from the airport to downtown would be around 6000MMK and 8000MMK-10000MMK from Bus Station to downtown. The railway station is in the city center. If you have already known your destination, you can simply download the GRAB app on your mobile and get a taxi. Or you can take the Yangon Airport shuttle Bus which goes around the city.

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