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MLCTS: ha: hka: mrui., pronounced [hák?á mjo?]; formerly rendered Haka[2][3]) is the capital of Chin State in Burma. Hakha is located in the North-West of the Union of Myanmar and has so many mountains.Hakha is the capital of Chin State. Hakha is by no means a large city and remains a simple and undeveloped place, reflecting the state as a whole. Hakha sometimes feels like it has been transplanted from the American wild west. Hakha is renowned for its mountainous terrain, unique culture, handicrafts and warm hospitality of its people. There is a viewpoint from which you can see the entire city and the surrounding mountains – and often a bunch of local teenagers hanging out. The viewpoint can be found just off the road to Gangaw, and is a long walk or short taxi/motorbike ride from the centre of town. Hakha Baptist Church is built fine stone steeple and red roof, this is the most distinctive and historic of Hakha's many churches. Hakha can get cold, particularly winter nights in December and January. There are a number of simple guest house choices; most are comfortableElectricity can also be limited to certain hours of day in Hakha. Transportation in Hakha is difficult.You can go to Hakha by bus or flight.There is no direct flight to Hakha.If you like hiking and advanture trip,you should go to Hakha.

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