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Myawaddy is a town in south-eastern Myanmar in Kayin State close to the border with Thailand. Separated from the Thai border town of Mae Sot by the Moei River, the town is most important trading point between Myanmar and Thailand. On 6 August 2010, a bomb exploded in the car park of a crowded market in Myawaddy, killing two men and seriously injuring four others.Myawaddy is a border town in Myanmar and is a dusty town on the Thai border, situated in Karen (Kayin) State. The Myawaddy - Mae Sot border crossing is a moderately popular destination for tourists and expats in Thailand who want to make a "visa run" (ie, get a new Thai entry permit stamp by making a short visit to another country). The new road which connects Myawaddy with the rest of Myanmar and passes through the beautiful Dawna mountain The town of Myawaddy itself is centred around its main road, which runs east-west; it is a direct continuation of the border road that crosses the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.Motorbike are easy to find on both sides of the border. There are several buses daily from Myawaddy to Hpa-an,Yangon and Mawlamyine.Yangon bus leaves to myanwaddy at morning 8:30 am, 9:30am and then, evening bus leaves at 5:00pm & 6:00pm. Myawaddy is centred around the wide strip of highway that leads from the Friendship Bridge through town and is small enough to be explored easily on foot; alternatively, ubiquitous red bicycle rickshaws go everywhere. There are so many attaraction places in Myawadddy,The crocodile temple; built on top of a giant crocodile (no acces for women). A series of displays explaining the life of Budha. Walk anti-clockwise to start at birth. the accompanying temple has some interesting 3d art in stone on the wall. Golden bell tower complex;is square complex with multiple temples, many golden bell tower constructions and very, very bad toilet facilities. Shwe Muay Wan Paya is situated walking distance of the Friendship Bridge, Shwe Muay Wan Paya is Myawaddy's most important temple, a traditional bell-shaped stupa gilded with pounds of gold and topped by more than 1600 precious. As with so many towns in Myanmar, Myawaddy has a lively market and pagoda at its centre; both are located close to the main road on its north side and are worth a wander around if you have some spare time.

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