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Muse is the principal town of Muse Township also spell as Mu Se Township in northern Shan State, Myanmar. It is situated on the Shweli River, and is connected by a bridge and road to Ruili (Shweli, in Burmese) inYunnan Province, China. Muse, a small town on the banks of the Shweli River, is the main border gateway between Myanmar and Yunnan Province (China).It is located in Northern Shan State. Muse is 112 miles (179 km) north of Lashio.Lashio is 280 km uphill from Mandalay, it is convenient to travel by car. There has a good accommodation for overnight. Muse is today connected to Mandalay via Lashio by the National Highway 3.Muse is also connected to central Burma via the Mandalay-Lashio Northern Shan State Railway.Myanmar exports mainly raw materials such as agricultural produce, fish, timber, gems and minerals, and imports consumer goods, electronics, machinery and processed food are through the Muse's '105th mile Trade Zone', a border zone of 150 hectares, opened in April 2006. Muse 105 miles trade zone is the first and largest border trade camp and it handling as much as 70% of cross border trade with China. Gambling, drugs and prostitution flourished in Ruili, but Muse's own efforts to share in the Las Vegas style business atmosphere met with much less success. Muse can as a joint enterprise between Myanmar and China to construct oil and gas pipelines from the Bay of Bengal via Mandalay through Muse to Kunming.

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