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Bagan was an ancient capital of the Bagan Kingdom filled with temples and pagodas. There was a saying that “Close your eyes and point at wherever you want, a pagoda exits in that direction”. Now, many pagodas are destroyed by human mistakes and natural disasters. 

In 2019, Bagan was officially recognized as one of the UNESCO World’s Heritage sites and became more popular to international travelers. One or two days isn’t enough to go visit all the temples in Bagan. Let me inform you of some popular temples you must go while you are in Bagan.

Four Tooth Relic Pagodas

  1. LawKaNandar Pagoda
  2. Shwezigon Pagoda
  3. Tu Yin Taung
  4. Tant Kyi Taung

There are also 3 Temples which are famous for their significance.

  1. Ananda Temple for its greatest architecture
  2. Dhammayangyi for being the most massive temple
  3. Thatbyinnyu for being the highest temple

If you have time, there are more temples, attractions and activities that you would want to experience while you are in Bagan.


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